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Lane County Year End Real Estate Stats

by Charity Crosby

December Residential Highlights

Lane County closed out 2018 with some mixed activity. New listings (228) outpaced December 2017 (223) by 2.2%, despite cooling 42.0% from last month in November 2018 (393). Even so, it was the best December for new listings in Lane County since 2011, when 231 were put on the market.

Pending sales (312) fared similarly, ending 1.0% higher than December 2017 (309) but showing a 11.1% decrease from November 2018 (351). Once again this was the strongest December for pendings since at least 2001 when RMLS started keeping record.

Closed sales, at 339, ended 8.6% below December 2017 (371) and 8.4% below November 2018 (370).

Total market time rose to 64 days in December, and inventory decreased slightly to 1.9 months.

Year to Date Summary

Comparing the entirety of 2018 to 2017, new listings (6,394) increased 0.1%, closed sales (5,203) fell one short of 2017 (0.0%), and pending sales (5,240) decreased 0.3%.

Average and Median Sale Prices

Comparing 2018 to 2017 through December, the average sale price increased 7.3% from $287,900 to $309,000. In the same comparison, the median sale price rose 8.7% from $260,000 to $282,600.

* Stats courtesy of RMLS. This includes all of Lane County, except for Florence, OR.



by Charity Crosby

There are currently 30 Bank Owned/Foreclosed properties for sale in Eugene, Springfield and surrounding rural areas. (Lane County)

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The National Real Estate Market: Should You Buy or Sell This Year?

by Charity Crosby

“How’s the market?” is one of the most popular questions I get as a Real Estate Broker. Nationally, home price are still considered affordable, homes are on the market for less time, interest rates are still low and more than two-thirds of Americans say that now is a good time to buy. Here’s an overview of national housing market trends. If you want to know more about our local market, contact me and I’ll be happy to give you the scoop.

*3.5 million U.S. properties rose out of negative equity from 2013 to 2014 due to rising home prices.

*70% of Americans say it’s a good time to buy. 40% say that now is a good time to sell. 48% feel that home prices will go up in the next 12 months.


31% Gen Y

30% Gen X

30% Baby Boomers

9%   Silent Generation

76% of Gen Y were first-time buyers.


Gen X comprised the largest share of home sellers at 29%, followed by older Boomers (22%) and younger Boomers (21%).

13% of sellers wanted to sell their home earlier, but waited because their home was worth less than their mortgage.

Sources: Fannie Mae National Housing Survey, June 2014, US Census Bureau, June 2014, Inman, June 2014, National Association of Realtors, MSN, NAR: Home Buyer and Seller Generational Trends.

3 Reasons to Learn More About Your Local Real Estate Market:

If you’re thinking of buying a home, local market statistics can give you an idea of how much you’ll spend, and how many homes are on the market.
If you’re thinking of selling your home, information about the local market can give you an idea of how much similar homes are selling for, and how long they stay on the market.
If you want to know how much your home is worth, local Real Estate information will tell you how much your neighbor’s home just sold for.

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Lane County Real Estate Statistics for July 2014

by Charity Crosby

July Real Estate stats are out for Lane County. This is what we saw last month and so far this year for.


Activity cooled slightly this July, but numbers are still strong compared to last July. New listings (646) fared 9.1% better than new listings posted in July 2013, but just 0.8% better than the new listing posted in June 2014.

Closed sales (390), improved 8.3% over closings from July 2013, and fared 0.3% better than the closings posted in June of 2014.

Pending sales (375) fell 16.7% from last July's accepted offers, and 12.4% from June's accepted offers in 2014.

July saw total market time decrease to 77 days (Great News for Sellers!), and inventory rose slightly to 4.6 months versus the 4.3 months we saw in June.


In the first seven months of this year, new listings (3,870) have increased 3.9% over the same period in 2013. (Good news for Buyers with our current low inventory!) However, pending sales (2,422) and closed sales (2,098) have decreased 2.5% and 2.4% from the same time last year.


The average sales price during the first seven months of 2014 was $235,000, up 3.6% from the same period of 2013, when the average was $226,800.

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Creating a Functional Backyard

by Charity Crosby

Transforming a property's exterior space has the potential to increase the usability and value of a home, so creating a functional backyard makes sense from both a recreational and economic point of view.  With the thermometer creeping up during the summer months, the natural inclination to creep outside and enjoy the sunshine is stronger than ever.  As such, creating a functional backyard is a great way to enjoy those warming rays of the sun.  Indeed, according to the American Society of Landscape Architects outdoor amenities like decks, pergolas, and patios are in high demand, so adding then early into a home tenure guarantees a very good return on investment.

Decorative and Functional Structures

Sitting on an elevated deck enjoying the weather is far preferable to sitting crouched in the dirt, and that fact is behind the popularity of outside sundecks and recreational areas.  This allows for the creation of backyard retreats than can be centered on functional uses like a permanent BBQ or outdoor cooking station.  Pergolas are an enchanting way to highlight crawling vines, and present an elegant place for houseguests to catch a bit of shade. 

Go Green with a Vibrant Garden

In much the same way that a piece of art will add a splash of color to the living room wall, planting a garden is the perfect touch to help beautify a sad looking back yard.  From verdant vegetables to flowing fauna, planting a garden is like putting a piece of art on the wall.  The move adds instant aesthetic value to the property, and is generally viewed as a strong selling feature for people in the market for existing homes.

Landscape Lighting

Just as creating a functional backyard will reclaim livable space that had long been consigned to the family dog's use, the installation of landscape lighting has the potential to reclaim the use of that space from the long shadow of dusk.  Landscape lighting affords the homeowner the ability to highlight dramatic landscape characteristics, while supplying ample protection from slips, falls, and unwanted intruders who rely on the cover of darkness for the success of their nightly missions. 

Tips on Choosing the Right Color for the Home Interior

by Charity Crosby

There is a reason that one does not mix plaids with stripes.  Besides for the obvious hemorrhage that the combination causes the retina, or perhaps because of it, it is considered the height of fashion faux pas, and to be avoided at all costs.  Certain social niceties should also govern the selection of one's interior paint hues.  As such, when looking at revamping an interior space, a basic understanding of the fundamental interaction of colors and hues can go a long way towards assuring that one does not play Russian roulette with the color wheel.

The Mechanics of Color

With only three primary colors, one would think that selecting the correct color, shade, or hue would be relatively easy, but the sheer number of permutations of available options means that you can come up with any number of color coordination options.  Understanding the basics of how color interacts with each other to achieve the color effect you are looking for in a home.  Tips on choosing the right color for the home interior is the first step in organizing a successful remodel.

A color's intensity is directly related to the amount of pigment a color has in it, and the ability to add or subtract pigments can allow the home decorated to pinpoint the look that they want to achieve.  Similarly, adding black will darken the color to provide rich shades that add an aura of mystery to the room, while the addition of white will soften the entire effect in the room.

Should a homeowner decide to dominate their wall space with a bold color such as bright vibrant red or deep husky blue, they will have a great deal of color to deal with, so the wall will become the entire focus of the room with the rest of the room .

Mood and Color

Studies have proven that color is instrumental in establishing mood, so having tips on choosing the right color for the home interior can help establish the perfect ambiance for a particular space.  Always understand what the purpose a room will serve prior to applying that first coat of paint.  For instance, that red, jarring, explosion of red color might look edgy and envelope pushing in a downstairs drawing room, muted colors would serve as a more relaxing backdrop for a night of restful sleep.

Winning a Bidding War

by Charity Crosby

If you have ever fallen in love with a piece of property only to see it disappear in a blizzard of offers, counter-offers and proposals, then you understand that winning a bidding war requires preparation, cash, and the knowledge of when the deal is no longer a good deal.  While your ideal negotiating partner will be your real estate agent by your side, you can prepare yourself for the process by making sure that you have dotted all your "I's" and crossed all your "T's." 

Nothing Says you are Ready to Come Prepared to Buy

Regardless of whether you plan to enter a bidding war or not, coming to an opening house with your loan preapproval letter in hand is the new normal when it comes to real estate transactions.  Bottom line, when it comes to loan acceptance, the only guarantee in these tight credit conditions is that the decision making process can be a lengthy one.  Sellers with multiple offers on their desk quickly separate the wheat from the chaff, and the chaff are offers that are not likely to be funded for upwards of ninety days.  Additionally, this would be the wrong time to attempt to buy on a shoestring, so avoid throwing out a lowball offer that won't have any chance of success.     

Flexibility and Affordability

With money and paperwork attended to, it is time to think outside the box when it comes to putting an offer together that will get the seller's notice.  Money is not always the primary consideration for some sellers, however.  For instance, offering creative terms such as a flexible move-in schedule, or foregoing on expensive repairs that might have popped up on the home inspection report, might go a long way towards winning a bidding war.   

Recognize When to Walk Away

As bidding wars escalate, it is easy for the price to quickly escalate past a bidder's budget, so always keep an eye on the prize when it comes to placing that bid.  Do your leg work prior to submitting an offer, and prepare to be flexible, and there is a good chance that you will be winning that bidding war and moving into your new home faster that you ever would have thought possible.  As mentioned, working with a licensed real estate agent is your best resource whenever you enter into negotiations for a new home. 

NEW Listing in Ferry Street Bridge - Eugene, Oregon

by Charity Crosby



MLS: 14359651
Bedrooms: 3
Full Baths: 1
Partial Baths: 0
Sq ft: 1192
Lot Size: .21
Style: 1950's Modern Contemporary
Garage: 1 - Carpor
Heat Source: Radiant Floor &
Taxes: $1946.00

Gorgeous mid-century modern registered Cliff May ranch home has been completely updated and offers floor-to-ceiling windows, vaulted ceilings and a great room floor plan, making this home as light and bright as they come. Features include radiant floor gas heat with a state-of-the-art ductless heat pump system, commercial grade gas hot water heater, gas fireplace, spacious bedrooms with plenty of storage and built-ins, updated kitchen with ceramic tile counters, pull outs, and large bay window, and new luxury plank flooring throughout. Outside offers a large private and fenced backyard, beautiful landscaping, a patio perfect for outdoor entertaining, fruit trees and a tool shed. It’s conveniently located close to schools, shopping and minutes to downtown and the University of Oregon. Fridge, washer and dryer are included. You will fall in love with this home! For more details call or text 541-554-2330 or go to

The Charity Crosby Team
Keller Williams Realty
2644 Suzanne Way
Eugene 97408

Phone: 541-242-5154
Fax: 541-302-7606


by Charity Crosby

May Highlights

Lane County saw an upswing in seasonal activity this May. Pending sales bested numbers from May 2013 by 6% and the previous month by 29.5%. New listings increased 1.7% over listings posted in May 2013, and 10.1% over the ones posted for last month. Closed sales showed an 8.5% increase over April's, but were 10.6% less strong than the closings entered in May of 2013.

Total market time in May was 92 days and inventory remained at 4.9 months for the third consecutive month.

Year-To-Date Summary

Lane County's Real Estate activity continues to be slightly cooler this year compared to 2013. New Listings have increased by 2.2% over 2013, but pending sales and closed sales have decreased 3.9% and 7.3% from the first five months of 2013.

Average and Median Sale Prices
The average price so far in 2014 was $230,100, up 6.8% from the same period of 2013, when the average was $215,400. In the same comparison, the median has risen 8.1% from $192,000 to $207,500.

RMLS 1st Quarter Stats for Distressed Residential Properties
New Listings - 1,291

Non-Distressed or Equity: 90.1%
Short Sales: 5.2%
Bank Owned/REO: 4.7%

Sales - 676

Non-Distressed or Equity: 87%
Bank Owned: 6.7%
Short Sales: 6.3%

What does this mean for Sellers and Buyers?
Sellers: Don't wait to sell! While things are cooler this year than last year, they are still phenomenal conditions with the average sales price up 6.8%, low inventory and great rates. Soon everyone will realize it's a great time to sell which will increase inventory and drive down prices. Time is of the essence.

Buyers: Don't wait to buy!! Prices are going up and who know what will happen to interests rates. If they go up, along with rising house prices, it will take many buyers out of the market or at least out of the price range they're currently in. Also, do not limit yourself to only foreclosures. As you can see the inventory is extremely low so you don't have a lot to choose from in that category. I'm seeing buyers get great deals on homes that are not distressed.

As always, if you have any Real Estate questions or needs please feel free to call me at 541-554-2330. Have a great week!


Energy-Efficient Mortgages

by Charity Crosby

Mortgages come in all shapes and sizes. Sorting out the one that is right for every situation can be difficult. The newest type of mortgage to find its way onto the financial scene are energy-efficient mortgages (EEM) Also known as a green mortgage, this type of financing helps the buyer avoid multiple loans by rolling the cost of energy-efficient upgrades into their existing mortgage.

This type of mortgage usually contains higher upfront costs due to the improvements that need to be made to the home. This is often quickly negated by the reduced energy costs over the life of the home, and actually ends up saving the homeowner money. Energy-efficient mortgages also often allow the borrower to qualify for a higher loan amount than they would with a traditional loan. These mortgages come in several types.

  • A conventional EEM is the mortgage most commonly used and allows the borrower to qualify for a loan that is equal to the energy savings that the upgrades will produce. Adding that savings onto the home allows the buyer to qualify for a loan that is more than they would have traditionally qualified for.
  • A Federal Housing Administration EEM must meet the same criteria as a traditional FHA loan. Additionally, the improvements must be less than the potential energy savings. This type of loan is also unique in that the improvements must be made after the loan closes. The cost of the improvements is actually placed in escrow and not released until after closing.
  • A Veterans Administration EEM allows veterans to make upgrades to an existing home. A borrower must qualify for financing through the Veterans Administration, and these loans are usually available for a maximum of $6,000.

To qualify for an energy-efficient mortgage, the home must undergo an energy evaluation by a specialized inspector.

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