Transforming a property's exterior space has the potential to increase the usability and value of a home, so creating a functional backyard makes sense from both a recreational and economic point of view.  With the thermometer creeping up during the summer months, the natural inclination to creep outside and enjoy the sunshine is stronger than ever.  As such, creating a functional backyard is a great way to enjoy those warming rays of the sun.  Indeed, according to the American Society of Landscape Architects outdoor amenities like decks, pergolas, and patios are in high demand, so adding then early into a home tenure guarantees a very good return on investment.

Decorative and Functional Structures

Sitting on an elevated deck enjoying the weather is far preferable to sitting crouched in the dirt, and that fact is behind the popularity of outside sundecks and recreational areas.  This allows for the creation of backyard retreats than can be centered on functional uses like a permanent BBQ or outdoor cooking station.  Pergolas are an enchanting way to highlight crawling vines, and present an elegant place for houseguests to catch a bit of shade. 

Go Green with a Vibrant Garden

In much the same way that a piece of art will add a splash of color to the living room wall, planting a garden is the perfect touch to help beautify a sad looking back yard.  From verdant vegetables to flowing fauna, planting a garden is like putting a piece of art on the wall.  The move adds instant aesthetic value to the property, and is generally viewed as a strong selling feature for people in the market for existing homes.

Landscape Lighting

Just as creating a functional backyard will reclaim livable space that had long been consigned to the family dog's use, the installation of landscape lighting has the potential to reclaim the use of that space from the long shadow of dusk.  Landscape lighting affords the homeowner the ability to highlight dramatic landscape characteristics, while supplying ample protection from slips, falls, and unwanted intruders who rely on the cover of darkness for the success of their nightly missions.